Women might have a little problem too 1.7.2020

Surely you will know, that woman don’t have penises thus their „ability “to have any erectile dysfunction is significantly limited, however even our lovely ladies have what is called low libido or frigidity. Now a woman that is frigid sounds like an insult, but it’s actually a medical condition, where a woman is unable to feel sexually aroused enough to produce a vaginal lubrication or she might be even unable to achieve orgasm with her partner. This might be a little bit of a problem, since such a woman is no longer motivated (just like man with delayed ejaculation) to have sex since there is no happy ending for her. It also adds up to the fact that most men don’t know how to please a woman, which is just as bad.

A woman is just as much a customer as a man

Not a lot of stigma is floating around women. We don’t really want to join them, so we are offering you Lovegra, a product that not only cures the low libido, it might even influence a woman to be aroused more than enough to produce the vaginal lubricant or it might help them achieve orgasm.

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